How to make SEO work for you?

SEO is about bringing quality traffic to websites. Both of those words are essential: quality and traffic. To benefit the most from what SEO can offer your business, you should take some time to think about both of these.

There are literally millions of Australians out there using the Internet every day. If you are a business owner, you are aware that at every moment there are probably tens, hundreds if not thousands of people that are in some way looking for a product or service you offer. They might be just thinking about it, looking it up in the Yellow Pages, or browsing the Internet to find it. The goal of every business is to find those people and give them what they want. How can SEO help you do just that? By making the search engines work for you.

When people use search engines they are usually pretty straightforward about what they are looking for.  A searcher who typed into the Google search box the phrase “Brisbane plumber” is probably in need of nothing else, but a plumber in the neighbourhood. This gives you, the business owner, a great opportunity. You don’t have to advertise to everyone in hope that someone will want what you have to offer. You can target your message straight to the very people that are already actively searching for your product.

So, the first step to take when preparing to improve the search engine rankings of your website is choosing the right keywords. Ask yourself: “What would my clients type in the search box if they were looking for my product?”. What search phrases would have the highest value for me?

You don’t need the most popular keywords. You need the keywords that are right for your business. Let’s go back to our plumbing example. Would a plumber located in the Brisbane area benefit from ranking high for the keyword “plumber”? At first it might seem as  a great idea. But not necessarily. Unless he is planning to expand his business on a nationwide scale, ranking for the word “plumber” will bring to his website a lot of irrelevant traffic, traffic from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Tasmania and from all around the country. He will still find people looking for a plumber, but probably he won’t be able to turn most of them into customers.

Of course, even if you are a local company, you can benefit from ranking for a nationwide phrase. Usually that shouldn’t be your goal though. Your money can be spent more efficiently by targeting traffic that will convert better.

Choosing the keywords you want your business website to rank for is a critical step. Don’t neglect it. Think about it. Talk to your SEO company about it. By doing this, you won’t be just ranking. You will be finding great customers, with little effort. This is what SEO is about.