The essentials of SEO

Just like preparing a good dish, SEO is not only about having the right ingredients, but also about measuring the correct proportions and mixing the ingredients all together in the appropriate way.

What are the ingredients of a successfully search-engine-optimized website?

In essence, they are:

  1. The website itself
  2. On-site optimization
  3. Links

This is not an all-inclusive list, but it covers the basic building blocks you should focus on.

The website

Obviously, you need a website. The thing is, you don’t just need any website. You need a website with good, relevant content. The more content you have, usually the better. When thinking about content think not only product descriptions, but also about Q&A segments,  how-to articles, customer testimonials or a discussion board for your visitors. These are all great ideas for additional content that will help your webpage. Search engines like sites with relevant, fresh content, so having a website with interesting, on-the-topic content is a great starting point.

On-site optimization

Your site should not only have interesting content for your visitors, but it also has to be search engine friendly. By getting your site optimized, you will make sure that search engines will not have any problems crawling, indexing and categorizing your content. And you DO want your content to be properly categorized. By analyzing a number of elements on your web pages, search engines determine what your site is about. This is a critical step to getting your site the right kind of traffic.


Having well optimized content is yet most often not enough. Why is it? This is because of the way modern search engines work. Sites are ranked not only based on their content, but upon the number and type of links that point to them. To get the most out of what the Internet has your business to offer, you want your website to be well linked. This will boost its search engine rankings and drive relevant traffic to it. Without links search engines will barely recognize your site.

This is one of the hardest steps in SEO. The question a lot of website owners find asking themselves is: How do I find all these links? You can find free links yourself by using  free Internet directories or posting on topical forums. A lot of businesses that try to improve their website rankings, find the process very time consuming though, and the results hardly satisfactory.

Many website owners have realized that they managed to achieve great SEO results only after asking a professional SEO team for help. With the right resources a good SEO company can help your website gain customers quicker and more efficiently than you could do it yourself. If you have already invested in a professional website, do not let that money and effort be wasted. Don’t get left behind and don’t let your website be just another Internet billboard in the middle on nowhere. Make the investments you have already made work for you.

A final note – remember that just having all the ingredients won’t make your site instantly blast-off. You need to have all of the key elements perfectly fitted together. This is one the most important reasons why you should seriously think about having a professional look at your site. When you have it done, relax and watch the results.