Why are links important?

To have a website that is successful in the search engine rankings, you need links.

Basically, links are the most important factor search engines consider when ranking web pages. Nonetheless, a lot of companies struggle in getting good links for their website. Why is that?

Good links are hard to find

Links have become so important on the Internet in the last years, that the demand for them is ever increasing. This huge drive for new links has caused easily accessible link sources to diminish in value, as they have been overused by website owners desperate to improve search engine rankings of their own sites.

Secondly, many website owners have become less enthusiastic about freely linking to other websites, as they have come to believe that links are too valuable to give away for nothing. This has made link-finding even harder for the average web developer.

Links come in different shapes and sizes

It is important to understand that not all links are equal. Links carry a relative amount of power, depending on their source. A link received from the BBC home page will have a much larger influence on a page than a link from an average teenage blog account.

The difference can be so great, that a particularly good link, can be thousands of times more valuable than one from an insignificant page.

Additionaly, some links fall into special categories. Most links that can be published in user comment sections are marked as no-follow links, and have very little or even no influence on the search engine algorithms. Obtaining many links from one page is usually also of not so much value, as search engines tend to ignore links that seem duplicated.

Apart from that, search engines will try to classify links as being natural (genuine), or artificially created (manipulative), and value them appropriately.

Successful link-building

Despite these potential problems, links can be built successfully. Some professional SEO teams have spent many years  researching good link resources and teaming with partners to help their customer’s websites. You too can benefit from that kind of resources and experience. For more information, an assessment of your website’s performance, and a free quote, contact us.